Types of Guns to Use for Hunting

Guns for Hunting

This segment is on guns and the proper selection for guns when you hunt quail or dove. Dove hunting you’ll need some kind of weapon, again it’s a preference thing, twelve gage or twenty gage. Some people hunt with a twenty-eight or sixteen gage. You need something that’s going to spread the shot out. You want the shot size anywhere from nine to eight, to seven and half, in that range. A lot of people shoot semi-automatics, this is an over and under this gun here is a side by side. You want to pick a gun that really has a good feel to you. There are a ton of different guns that you can choose. This one is an Italian gun; it just has a particularly nice feel.

I hunt dove with this, it’s got the interchangeable chokes on the end, and it s just a nice gun. When I hunt dove I’ll use usually eight shots or something like that and again it’s one that I feel very comfortable with and enjoy shooting. When you’re hunting quail; you know a lot of people; if you’re walking long lengths you may take that into consideration. You want to take in the weight of the gun preference. You want to always have a gun that fits you that you’re comfortable with and there are gun smith’s and a variety of people who are professionals that can tell you what’s a proper fit for you in terms of the gun it’s self.

People who are hunting quail typically like to use a variety of guns as well. Sixteen gage, twenty-eight, a twenty gage, some twelve gage again; semi-automatic or over and under or side by side whatever you gun you feel comfortable with and like to use go ahead and use that gun. Quail hunting you want something obviously that the choke or the shot will spread out quickly and take care of those quail. Dove hunting, depending on the situation, you may want to use a choke that has a little bit more restriction on it so that your shot travels in a little bit tighter pattern.

With both of the guns you want to pattern the guns and find out exactly what the shot looks like. You go to a range and you can do that. You and shoot and you can put a pattern on something. Shoot different types see what holds the best pattern for you. Guns and ammunition for dove and quail, again it’s a lot of selection and a lot of preference in that, but the main thing is that you want to find something that is going to take care of the game that you are hunting.

About Gel Guns

There is need of gun safety for children. Let’s talk about gel guns. All gel ball guns can be divided into 2 types. The first is so called spring type These are copies of weapons that fire single shots. For each shot, it is necessary to cock the spring. We cock, we shoot, we cock, we shoot. We have two pistols that belong to this type, Glock and USP. But there are shotguns, and submachine guns, and even grenade launchers on sale. Their rate of fire depends on how quickly you can cock the weapon and shoot. And the second type is an electro-pneumatic type. This type includes models firing single shots or bursts, and the shot uses energy of compressed air, which is injected by an electric compressor fire rate of such gel ball guns reaches 10 balls per second.

And some craftsmen increase this figure to 20 balls! Try to imagine! 20 balls per second! One thousand two hundred balls a minute! Each of these guns has a thing inside, called a gearbox. With the help of the gearbox and the connected battery, a shot is fired. All these guns belong to the second type. And the guns of the second type can be subdivided into two kinds. It depends on the way gel balls get into the gearbox. They can get there from the top tray or attached container under the influence of gravity, or from the magazine by mechanical or electro-mechanical method. The mag fed ones are better and they are newer generation guns. They look very real and give out excellent characteristics.


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