Review of all TRACKER Class Weapons

Weapon Class

Knowing about weapons class become important if your are a gun lover. Additionally you will be able to see how these weapons work, what’s the rate of fire and the damage would react with head shots and body shots and in the end of video I will let you know which weapon is best of all in my opinion so without any further due lets get into it. Before starting I would like to mention that time is short and there are 8 weapons to review so if you guys want to watch the game plays of these weapons individually then please subscribe because i will be uploading game plays of each weapon individually. Now coming first we have tier 1 weapon and believing the official stats, this weapon has an accuracy of 98%, rate of fire of 600and normal mag of this weapon can take 35 bullets with maximum damage point of 13. Additionally this weapon features Unique auto lock which I observed was far better and quicker than the morph’s tier 7 weapon and it tends to lock head more often for head shots and to be honest, head shot damage is insane with this weapon and 4-5 head shots are enough to take down an enemy.

In fact with the head shots you can compare this weapon with assault class grinder and in my opinion this is the 2nd best weapon of tracker class. On second, we have MER-CY, this weapon is assault type with an accuracy of 49%, rate of fire shows 600, a magazine which can hold30 bullets with the damage point of 16. This weapon actually does better than what you expect from tier 2 weapon and 3-4 head shots are enough to lay down even the OP armors like ONI but the only drawback about this weapon is the reduction of sensitivity when you are shooting so if there are more people spread around you then it will be hard to survive against them holding this weapon. Next one, we have SC-ENT, a recon type SMG having accuracy of 48%, using Rate of Fire of 600 and a mag containing 35 bullets with a damage point of 17.

I wasn’t really impressed with this weapon because body shots are far, it can’t even kill people with head shots. If you are playing against low tier players then it might work out but otherwise you need to choose another weapon. The only thing i liked was the sound of this gun when it’s shooting, it’s kind a satisfying really. On number 4, we have a sniper rifle with an accuracy of 96%, rate of fire of 126, a single unextended mag can take 10 bullets with damage point of 69, so it’s kind a 2-3 shot weapon depending on the distance but this weapon could kill enemies with 1 shot as well. The only drawback is the absence of close range optics, most of the maps of the mc5 are mid range or close range and the least zoomed scope available to this weapon is 6x so it’s really hard to play with this weapon specially in the close range.

And then comes the tier 5, an assault rifle with an accuracy of 58%, rate of fire of 600, a single mag can take 35 bullets with a maximum hit point of 27. This weapon is literally a head shot machine, plus the iron sight of this weapon is so unique, if you love the iron sight of assault class tier 6 KOG V weapon then you will definitely love this iron sight plus the control of this gun is better than any other weapon of tracker class so if I had to pick an assault rifle of tracker class then it would be tier 5. Next we have tier 6 ETHER-L, a unique dual mode weapon having accuracy of 52%, rate of fire of 600, a single mag can take 30 bullets with a hit point of 35. Now as i said already, if i had to play for an assault rifle then I would personally prefer tier 5 but if i had to prefer fun over my score then ETHER-L is fun playing with.

It features a great looking close optic as well as the shotgun mode so in close range I can just switch to shotgun mode and one shot people. Now it of course depends on distance but in most cases you need 1 or 2 shots to kill an opponent with the shotgun mode. For head shots, shot gun mode is completely1 shot but for assault mode you still need 5+ headshots to lay down your enemy and only bad thing about this gun is the limitation of shotgun ammo. Meanwhile you get only 8 shot gun round but I wish it was something like 20-25 rounds as it’s really fun switching between modes.

Now comes another DMR with an accuracy of96%, with rate of fire of 126 and a single mag can take 15 bullets with a damage point of 100 plus. This is probably the gun which i was most curious about that whether it will work like morph’s tier 7 weapon or stuff but this gun has nothing special to be honest. This is just like a tier 4 sniper rifle and the only difference is the size of magazine, you still need to 2 body shot to kill an opponent and sometimes in case of marauder with paragon you need 3 shots depending on the distance. For the head shot it’s entirely 1 shot. But honestly it’s pretty hard to head shot people in close combat specially when there is no 4x scope available. Finally we have a prestige duel mode weapon with accuracy of 54%, rate of fire of 660 and a mag containing 35 bullets with damage point of 28.


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