Kral Puncher Breaker .25 cal PCP Air Rifle Pro Tuned

.25 cal PCP Air Rifle

Oh! I am excited about this. I love my 50 caliber air rifle. That was with me in Texas, the Dragon Claw. If you haven’t seen that series, check it out. I had so many cool advent How rude, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Zachary Fowler, and you’re watching Fowler’s Makery and Mischief. It’s a 50 caliber air rifle, you can pump it up. It’s got arrows. I mean, I wasn’t too impressed with the scope, but it worked. It did a good, decent enough job. But it’s a lot of gun for deer and turkey and things like that with the arrows or with the slugs or bore, awesome. But the majority of the stuff that was there in Texas like raccoons and possums, when you’re out there, you can’t be picky, you know? When you’ve got rabbits all over the place and they’re just out of range, they’re very skittish, so it was hard even getting up on them with the slingshot. This was a bit overkill. I managed to use it, but it was a bit overkill. So Tri hammer of Annihilator Air Guns reached out to me, and they sent me this, the Krel. The Krel Puncher, whatever, I’ll put it right down here.

Let’s check it out. Got my new Fastball from Gerber sent me. Getting all kinds of new toys. Oh! I’m excited. This is a 25 caliber air rifle and how do I get in here? There we go. Now, Annihilator Air Guns is a special air gun company. They’re not just like a seller, but they are also a, what do you want to say, like air gun mechanics basically, in the worst slang possible. They mod out air guns. If you’re interested in an air gun that you want modded out or made to fit specifications, you could find out from them if it’s possible ’cause one of my problems is, too, is this air gun is awesome. I want to use it to turkey hunt, but it doesn’t have a smooth bore barrel that will take the shotgun shells like the Wings hot.

And they’re going to help me put a smooth bore so I can hunt with it, turkey hunt legally in Maine with it this fall. That’s going to be awesome. And so they get these guns, they sell these on their website and they mod them out a little bit so that they are a better gun for what you’re paying for. You pay half the price for this gun than you do for FX Impacts and Wow, this is the first time I’ve handled, wow. This thing is cool. 25 caliber, this will take down from anything from targets to coyotes down to small birds. Just like the 50 caliber air rifle, it can be pumped up by with a hand pump. It already has a good amount of air in it. Have to open the back window and take a couple shots. Let’s check out the instructions and take a couple shots. Whoo, aren’t those fancy looking? Need the scope though, so I grabbed this off of Amazon per their instructions from Annihilator.

They said that this is a good, good, decent scope, not too costly, but gives you the skills. I’m still pretty new on playing around with guns again and everything so I’ve got a lot of learning to do. This should be pretty interesting. It’s been a long time since I sat in my basement with a Daisy Red Rider plinking down my old G.I.Joe guys, taking them apart with the BB gun. That’s nice. There we go. Here we go. The cardboard box out there with five targets on it, and we’ll see what we can do. Whoa, this looks nice. Let’s see, is the scope dialed in or out? Oh I can go even further in. I’ve got to get a scope cam for this thing. This is so cool.

This, compared to that digital scope, which was you’re looking at, like a basically, a little video camera image on the Dragon Claw there. Looking through a real scope. Wow. That was to the left and down a touch. So it needs a little sighting in. Wow. That was like, right in the exact same spot. So. It’s just putting all those shots right on top of each other. Oh! Well, that worked. It’s dead on now. It’s actually making my ears ring. It’s loud. I know, it’s a little loud for in here, but it’s wow. Oh my goodness! This thing is addicting! I don’t know, what do you think that is, like, 75 feet? So that’s nothing too special, nothing super long. Let’s go check it out. So there’s the first three shots, or first four shots. Boom, boom, boom, there. And then I went up here, boom, boom, boom, and boom. That is awesome! Oh my goodness, that is so cool. Well, I’ve got to work on dialing that in so I can be really accurate with it and figure out how to learn how to shoot at different distances. I’ve got my work cut out for me. 22 and you put that sound suppressor on there, it’s whisper quiet.


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