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We want to talk about pistol and guns. Now when it comes to paintball guns the variety of different types of guns, some of them have different purposes. If you’re the type of person that likes to play sniper and you like to play long ball. Stay back away from your opponents. You might choose a different gun than say your standard out of the box A5 or 98 Custom from Tippmann. What we have here is a new gun. The Alpha Black U.S.Army. As you can tell it’s styled after an M16 or acar15 carbine style weapon. The paint hopper goes here. Tool kit here. Collapsible stock. These guns have just entered the market and they’re reasonably priced I think at about$170. From Tippmann, the workhorse brand of the commercial paintball field, we have anumber of other guns such as the A5 Tippmann which has been out for a couple of years.

The X7, which is one of their newest guns, which is kind of set up on a FNFAL style frame. And these weapons also have picatinny rails which means you can add a lot of parts tothem. Beyond that you have the old school. You have the Tippmann 98 Custom. This particular weapon has what’s called a flat line barrel. We’ll talk about this more later but the gist of this is because of the curvature of the barrel you get a more stable throw on the ball because of the spin. And it gives you some extra distance. Later on we’ll also be talking about this. This is a 9 volt hopper. Not your standard hopper. And especially important if you’re not using what’s called a cyclone feed. We’ll get back to that in a little while. But this basically covers a general variety of weapons that you can be using at the paint ballfield.

Well we’ve come a this longest path from the paintball pump actions of the old days, back in the 90’s and that. Pump actions have gone to regular cocking on the sides and of course our liquid CO2 going into this one, to something like this one right here where it’s a simulated military sim we call it. All right, what makes this a paintball marker, we like to call them markers, we want to be politically correct, we don’t want to join the National Rifle Association just yet. We are forming some other things right now. But this is a gas through stock, okay, this marker works on a 7 to 800 psi, that’s what we need in order for it to fire. We’re talking about more like 300 feet per second, of course coming out the box this would probably do 350 feet per second. So, it’s working on 7 to 800 psi, there’s a couple options that we have for propellant, which is one most everybody has is CO2 or liquid CO2.

The other option that we have and what I like to play with is high pressure air. You can get a scuba tank and a fill station and have your own air out there and it’s a lot cleaner air than the CO2, the balls area lot more accurate, you don’t have, it’s not cold so you’re not losing, you don’t have to have expansion chambers and things like that, you get a lot more shots off of a bottle and also instead of having the bottle screwed into the back of the marker, as you can see there’s a little quick disconnect right here where I have a control line that fits into that and the bottle is on my back. So, we feel that is more comfortable. Okay, this is a 200 round hopper and this is what we call a cycle and feed system.

Every time we fire a shot, this pin comes back and forth, it’s gas actuated, and this spins around and keeps feeding the balls into the marker. The faster you shoot the faster the balls need to feed into the hopper. If you have a regular shaker hopper they’ll gather up here and they won’t drop in as fast, so what happens is you’ll be chopping balls and when you chop balls paint falls into this and plugs it up and you have to stop and get out of the game or swab it out and some of these markers you can’t swab out when you’re out in the field. So, anyway, you need to have a hopper like this cycle and feed system on here or a sound activated hopper or something when you’re firing it’s actually electric and it’ll be spinning and feeding the marker.


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