CheyTac M200 Intervention sniper rifle

CheyTac M200

The CheyTac M200 Intervention sniper rifle, first introduced in 2001, is still currently. considered as one of the most accurate, powerful and technologically advanced precision rifles in the world. Its peculiar profile and legendary accuracy records, as well as the fame given to it by airsoft players, movie-goers and gamers, have turned the Intervention into one of the most interesting guns out there.

I present to you: 10 things you didn’t know about the CheyTac M200 Intervention sniper rifle.

Number 10

Let’s start with the basics: do you know what “CheyTac” stands for? It is really very simple: CheyTac is an acronym formed out of the combination of the words: “Cheyenne” and “Tactical”. So, if you want to sound a little bit more knowledgeable and impress your friends, you can refer to this sniper rifle as the Cheyenne Tactical M200 Intervention.

Number 9

The best-known model of the Intervention sniper rifle is the M200. Nevertheless, there are a few other variants you may not be familiar with, such as the M200 carbine, the M200 CIV civilian version or the CheyTac M300 sniper rifle series, designed for police use with optional carbon-fibre stocks. The biggest difference between these firearms is the length of their barrels, which are longer in the precision versions of the rifles and shorter in the carbine and tactical rifle variants.

Number 8

The CheyTac M200 Intervention sniper rifle is a very extravagant weapon in many ways, with only the best and fittest of shooters being able to extract the most out of the gun. This rifle weighs 14kg unloaded and without a scope mounted on it reaching an excess of 17kg depending on the additional accessories you put on it. It also measures 1.3m long. Knowing these numbers, it’s easy to understand why every professional sniper is required to be in top physical shape to be able to carry and maneuver this rifle around during combat operations. No one ever said being a professional soldier was an easy task.

Number 7

Apart from its considerable weight and length, we can surely say the CheyTac M200 has a hefty price too. A military-grade M200 model, without a scope or ammunition, will set you back $14,150 US dollars, being the M300 models the least expensive ones, reaching a price of around $10,900 US dollars. For any average civilian, surely a new car would be a more practical purchase for that kind of money.

Number 6

As we said earlier, the CheyTac M200 Intervention owes a good part of its current popular fame to its featuring in a few, but well known Hollywood productions such as Shooter and Ghost well as famous videogames like Sniper: Ghost Warrior.Call of Duty.Battlefield.Warface.Roblox: Phantom Forces.Homefront.Zula.Operation 7. and Counter-Strike: Nexon Zombies among others.

Number 5

Even though it is not currently used by many military and police units on the planet, the CheyTac M200 is still in service with some of the most renowned security forces, such as: Poland’s GROM special forces. the Czech Republic’s 601st Group special forces. the Italian army. Singapore’s SOF and Singapore’s army. the Turkish Brown Berets. and the legendary British Special Air Service, or SAS.

Number 4

The CheyTac M200 sniper rifle was designed from the ground up to use two very special, proprietary cartridges: The. 408 CheyTac and. 375 CheyTac rounds are specifically designed to give the M200 exceptional accuracy at extreme ranges. They are low-drag bullets, which helps them keep their tip aligned with their targets for a longer distance. With this in mind, it is safe to say that the size, weight and power of these cartridges lie somewhere between those of the. 338 Lapua Magnum and the. 50 BMG, giving the M200 Intervention the properties of both an anti-personnel and an anti-materiel sniper rifle.

Number 3

When CheyTac LLC first released the M200 to the military public, much skepticism remained about the weapon’s capabilities. The rifle’s accuracy in particular was said to be better than that of most other military rifles in the market, stating that the Intervention was capable of maintaining sub-MOA accuracy at distances in excess of 2. 3km. CheyTac was able to demonstrate its rifle’s extreme accuracy some time later.

Number 2

The CheyTac M200, apart from being an exceptional sniper rifle all by itself, also shipped with three very interesting accessories that helped turn it into the accuracy monster we all know. With the aid of a Kestrel portable meteorological station and a pair of Vector IV laser binoculars, the CheyTac Advanced Ballistic Computer, or CheyTac ABC, performs vey complex mathematical calculations in order to predict a bullet’s behavior and flight-path, giving the sniper an incredible level of digital assistance to boost their purely human skills and capabilities.

Number 1

The CheyTac M200 sniper rifle currently holds the world-record for best grouping at a distance, being able to group three bullets within 42.2cm at 2,122m. If you still doubt the exceptional accuracy of this weapon, let me tell you that in 2017 an SAS sniper was able to eliminate an enemy ISIL sniper at a range of 2,414m by using, naturally, an M200 sniper rifle. The bullet took three seconds to reach its target, who himself was using a Dragunov SVD and whose modus-operandi was to open fire at the British soldiers, lay low for an hour and then shoot again. It is said that the SAS sniper only fired once at his target, keeping in line with Chey Tac’s motto: Make every shot count.


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