Best Strategy for Weapons

Best Strategy for Weapons

Is the question how many guns were sold on black Friday is important for you. Okay today we would like to talk about different types of holsters that is used for firearms and it’s funny holsters have actually been around since the beginning of man. Obviously, there were more primitive but they made sheaths or apparatuses to hold certain tools and things of that nature and it kind of evolved out the years and when firearms came around in order for a person to carry it on their person, they came up ideas of all different types which brings us to modern day holsters. What we have today to carry our firearms in. Whether we carry it on our person or a dewy belt or however. We have different types. We have a shoulder holster which is worn over their shoulders and the weapon lies under the armpit. We have support side which would be “the weak” side if you wanted to carry.

That would be for cross drawing. We have an ankle holster where you could actually a small caliber firearm on your ankle to be less conspicuous or to conceal it. And then you have the back holster which can be for right or left handed which is concealed in the small of the back with the jacket on. It probably would be undetected. Then you have your support side or strong side which would be your shooting hand side which is worn on the hip. Those are the various different types of holsters that are accessible that are round and have been for quite some time and later as we get into it, we will get more in depth with the different types of holsters.

Duck Hunting Tips

This section is on ammunition and weapons. Shot guns for ducks. Most people have hunted ducks with a verity of weapons. Probably one of the best all around guns is going to be a twelve gage mainly because its a lot better selection of ammunition and you know the barrel length I know different people have different preference on that it is probably more of a preference. This is a Beretta Silver Eagle a three ninety and it shoots two and three quarter and three inch shells and it has a barrel length of twenty six inches. Good all around gun of course the inter changeable chokes on the end for different techniques and different situations if your hunting in timber you’ll want you know you will be using more close up shots.

If you haunting in open fields your probably going to want to use something that has a little bit more of a tight pattern. The different kind of ammunition that your going to use obliviously you going to match it to the caliber of the gun but there is a verity of them. Steal shot is the name of the game these days its probably one of the best in terms of cost efficiency. With the move to none toxic shot were not able to shoot lead any more at ducks. There is a verity of other kinds as well. This package here is heavy shot and there is also bismuth and a verity of different compounds that people are trying to use that are non toxic to ducks and you will just experiment and find out what is the best load for the particular gun that your hunting with.

This two and three quarter inch length heavy shot number four is a good all around choice that I like. These are three inch shells and for twelve gage and they reach out a little bit further but again for ammunition and for shot guns you’ll want to use what your most comfortable with and you have a lot of confidence as well. So those are good things to know about ammunition for shots for duck hunting.

 Alright, there’s different types of guns, there’s the Woods and there’s the Airball. These guns right here the Tippmann’s and the SP-8’s and that’s it, the Tippmann’s and the SP-8’sare all woods guns and the Spy der Pilots, the VS-2’s and the A-1 Angel’s are allspeedball. These are all electronic, these are electronic, all of them are electronic actually, these are all electronic, yeah they really are electronic, this is another speedball gun an Ion and these guns are real good for range and these guns are good for speed.


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