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Do you look for gun stock photos. These guns will give you a head start when you play the game for the first time because they will give you the shortest time to kill. Sure you will still have to be able to control the weapon but I’m sure that a pro player like you can do that easily. I will make in depth videos about all of these guns but for now I just want to share the best guns so that you can get started right away. Hopefully it will save you a lot of time because otherwise you would have to figure this stuff out on your own. For the assault class, we have the M1907,this gun is the absolute best weapon to kill an enemy within 30 meters. It is extremely well suited for close-range combat. Normally we speak in terms of time to kill, but it’s easier for now to focus on frames to kill, so the amount of frames it takes in order to kill an enemy if we assume 60Hz where one frame = 16.66ms. The M1907 only needs 14 FTK and this is the main reason why it outclasses all other assault class weapons. At 30 meters you will only need 19.35 frames to kill and at 45 meters it needs 23.12 frames to kill. After this point you are better of using the Gewehr 43.

It has a constant ftk of 24 up to a range of 125 meters. The Gewehr 43 is a great gun, but slightly more suited towards longer range combat compared to the M1907. It received a higher rate of fire, 257 turned into 300. So on certain open maps you are better off using the Gewehr 43. When you are playing as a medic, then you should be using the Suomi. It is incredibly good in close quarters combat and it only needs 11 frames to kill, which is amazing. It has a rate of fire of 770 meters per second but you can even upgrade that to 981. The Suomi is the best medic class gun up to a range of 30 meters, after that the M1928A1 becomes the best gun. The first weapon for the support class is the KE7 and this is also the best weapon if you don’t take the MG34 and the MG42 into account.

For those guns you basically have to go prone all the time if you want to take advantage of the low amount of frames to kill. The mg42 can kill in only 9 frames, while the ke7 needs 17. So on paper the MG42 looks better right? Well… not really, you have to take into account the time it needs to lie down and deploy your bipod, that time is much higher than the 8 frames difference between their frames to kill. So, unless you want to lie around all day as a support class player, then the KE7 is the best gun this class has to offer. If you love to play as a sniper then stick to the ZH-29.

It can kill in only 22 frames per second, but it is outperformed by the auto loading 8 because that one can kill in only 18 ftk, but only up to a range of 50 meters, after that the ZH-29 is the best gun. The reason why you should use the ZH-29 instead of the Auto loading 8 is because of the nature of the class. Usually your engagement distance is higher than 50 meters because you are playing as a sniper. So most of the time you will be killing at50 meters and beyond. If you want to kill your opponents within50 meters then you are better off playing as one of the other classes. The ZH-29 had a rate of fire of 138 in the beta, but this has been brought up to 150, this can even be improved further by upgrading your weapon. And there you have it, the best guns for BattlefieldV.

Some of you might have expected to see the STG here but that gun wasn’t even the best beta gun, even tho everybody was crying OP. On top of that, they nerfed that gun even further so yeah, it doesn’t make that much sense anymore to use it. To summarize, the best guns in Battle fieldV, for each class, based on the Frames to kill, are the M1907 for the assault class, the Suomi for the medic class, the KE7 for the support class and the ZH-29 for the recon class.


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